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Friday 17th November

8:15 AM

(Coffee cart open)

Say good morning, grab a coffee and find a seat!

8:45 AM

Welcome Address

On behalf of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Department of Radiation Oncology and the Organising Committee Profs Ricky Johnstone, Sandro Porceddu and Shankar Siva welcome you to the 2023 SABR Symposium.

9:00 AM

Session 1

Dr David Palma "Treating Oligometastatic Cancers – Insights from Clinical Trials, and Implications for Practice"

Dr Piet Ost "SABR for oligometastatic prostate cancer – is delaying systemic therapy meaningful or wishful thinking?"

10:30 AM

Morning Tea

11:00 AM

Session 2

Dr Laura Dawson "Practical considerations and lessons learned over 2 decades of liver SABR"

Interactive session #1: "Complex Planning Situations"

Facilitators: Drs Katrina Woodford, Steven David & 

Vanessa Panettieri

12:45 PM

Group Photo

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Session 3

Dr Jimm Grimm "Overview of outcomes modelling: how we arrive at dose tolerance limits in SABR"

Expert panel discussion: "Re-irradiation – Risks & Trade-offs"

Moderators: Drs Mark Shaw & Nick Hardcastle
                     (with our 5 International Faculty)

3:20 PM

Afternoon Tea

3:50 PM

Session 4

Dr Anna Bruynzeel "SABR in primary kidney cancer"

Symposium Debate, Drs Paul Keall & Tomas Kron

“In five years time, SABR will be (mostly) single-day


5:30 – 7:30 PM

Welcome Reception

Join us on Level 13 of the VCCC (Peter Mac) to catch up with colleagues and friends.

Saturday 18th November

9:00 AM

Session 5

10:20 AM

Morning Tea

Dr Laura Dawson "SABR for primary liver cancer: Ready for prime time"

Dr Piet Ost "SABR with immunotherapy; synergy, abscopal effects and practical applications"

11:00 AM

Session 6

Dr Anna Bruynzeel "Adaptive SABR in the upper abdomen – Clinical Practice"

Dr Jimm Grimm "Comparison of robotic radiosurgery motion management to the capabilities of other equipment"

Expert panel discussion: "SABR: We can’t avoid the future"

Dr Shankar Siva with our International Faculty

1:15 PM


2:15 PM

Session 7

Interactive session #2: “Smart preparation to simplify success”

Facilitators: Drs Sarat Chander, Adam Yeo & Mark Burns

Dr David Palma "SABR for Primary NSCLC – Challenges and Opportunities"
Dr Shankar Siva - Symposium closing comments


Symposium Close

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