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Friday 17th November

8:15 AM

(Coffee cart open)

Say good morning, grab a coffee and find a seat!

8:45 AM

Welcome Address

On behalf of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Department of Radiation Oncology and the Organising Committee Prof Sandro Porceddu, and A/Prof Shankar Siva welcome you to the 2023 SABR Symposium.

9:00 AM

Session 1

Dr David Palma "Treating Oligometastatic Cancers – Insights from Clinical Trials, and Implications for Practice"

Dr Piet Ost "SABR for oligometastatic prostate cancer – is delaying systemic therapy meaningful or wishful thinking?"

10:30 AM

Morning Tea

11:00 AM

Session 2

Dr Laura Dawson "Practical considerations for liver SABR"

Interactive session #1: "Complex Planning Situations"

12:45 PM

Group Photo

1:00 PM


1:30 PM

Session 3

Dr Anna Bruynzeel "SABR in primary kidney cancer"

Expert panel discussion: "Re-irradiation – Risks & Trade-offs"

3:20 PM

Afternoon Tea

3:50 PM

Session 4

Dr Jimm Grimm "Overview of outcomes modelling: how we arrive at dose tolerance limits in SABR"

Symposium Debate, Profs Paul Keall & Tomas Kron

“In five years time, SABR will be (mostly) single-day


5:30 – 7:30 PM

Welcome Reception

Join us on Level 13 of the VCCC (Peter Mac) to catch up with colleagues and friends.

Saturday 18th November

9:00 AM

Session 5

11:00 AM

Morning Tea

Dr Laura Dawson "SABR for Hepatocellular carcinoma"

Dr Piet Ost "SABR with immunotherapy; synergy, abscopal effects and practical applications"

Dr David Palma "SABR for Primary NSCLC – Challenges and Opportunities"

11:30 AM

Session 6

Dr Jim Grimm "Comparison of robotic radiosurgery motion management to the capabilities of other equipment"

Expert panel discussion: 

1:15 PM


2:15 PM

Session 7

Dr Anna Bruynzeel "Adaptive SABR in the upper abdomen"

Interactive session #2: "Patient simulation and preparation"
Dr Shankar Siva - Symposium closing comments


Symposium Close

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