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Program Highlights

Friday 18th November

8:20 AM


Say good morning, grab a coffee and find a seat!

8:50 AM

Welcome Address

On behalf of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Department of Radiation Oncology and the Organising Committee, Prof Shelley Dolan, Prof Sandro Porceddu, and A/Prof Shankar Siva welcome you to the 2022 SABR Symposium.

9:10 AM

Session 1

Presentations from our Keynote speakers 

Dr Alison Tree “Radiation Revolution: Can SABR outperform drugs in metastatic disease?“

and Dr Jennifer Dolan with a topic TBC.

11:00 AM

Session 2

Presentation from our Keynote speaker

Prof Filippo Alongi "Experience with spinal SBRT – tips, tricks and practical advice"

...and our first Interactive session: "A discussion about retreatment"

1:30 PM

Session 3

Special Lecture from Prof Tomas Kron and then our Expert Panel Discussion of "The practical aspects of treating multiple mets"

3:45 PM

Session 4

Presentation from our Keynote speaker Dr Daniel Gomez “Ablative therapy for Oligometastases:  An embarrassment of riches or a paradox of choice?”

and then our always popular debate "Are we ready to offer SABR for oligometastatic disease as routine treatment?" with Prof Gerry Hanna and Dr Alison Tree

5:30 – 7:30 PM

Welcome Reception

Details TBC; a great chance to catch up with colleagues and friends.

Schedule: Schedule

Saturday 19th November

9:00 AM

11:30 AM

Session 5

Session 6

Presentations from our Keynote speakers,

Dr Daniel Gomez “Paving the Path to Personalized Ablative Therapy through Artificial Intelligence and Radiogenomics”

Prof Filippo Alongi “SABR in lung metastases from colorectal cancer: clinical and predictive factors for treatment personalization”

and Prof Gerry Hanna with a topic TBC

Presentation from our Keynote speaker

Dr Alison Tree “Prostate SABR: what the cool kids do or a treatment for mavericks?”

and then a Fireside chat with all our speakers, Topic TBA

2:15 PM

Session 7

Presentation from our Keynote speaker

Dr Jennifer Dolan Utility of MRI Linac SABR for upper abdominal targets

and our second Interactive session "Gating/Motion Management"

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